The Franglais Tog – Getting Dance Creative with “Katelyn”

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I contacted a dance company called  LoveBallet Dance Company about the possibility of photographing one or more of their students. This dance company is dedicated to every child, whether their aim is to gain confidence and grace, to learn the joy of dance, to improve balance and co-ordination or to train for a career in dance.  There are opportunities for children of all ages and the aim is make the lessons a fun and enjoyable way to learn the art of dance.  They also offer exciting dance classes for Adults too… “you are never too old to dance!”

They kindly put the word out for me and I was contacted by Katelyn’s mum and we arranged our first shoot. Here is a little about this incredible young lady, by her mum…

Katelyn first started ballet when she was 4 but she absolutely hated it and left after a year.  She then did Street dance when she was about 6 with LoveBallet.   After only about 9 months, LoveBallet could no longer run the classes of Street dance at the current location.

Due to family situations at the time, it was not possible for her to attend the other venues where Street Dance was being held.  Miss Lorraine, the principal of Loveballet, continued to email us with the latest places their classes were being held.  Eventually, when Katelyn was 9 and a half we got her back into dancing as it was obvious to us, that she needed a physical outlet for her energy and to gain confidence with others. She was feeling as though she did not fit in anywhere and it got to a stage where she was very unhappy being herself. We hoped that by getting her to go dancing she could hopefully gain some confidence and also have an outlet for her excess energy!  

Miss Lorraine remembered Katelyn and her dancing. She advised us,  that Katelyn should do ballet because is was the centre of all other dances and Katelyn had shown great potential of being really good at it. Katelyn was not keen on the idea. But, thought she would give it a try. She fell in love with it immediately, she found she was able to loose herself in the dance and was at last happy to be Katelyn – the dancer. 

Every morning at 6.10am,  she is up stretching and exercising, when doing her homework she can usually be found laying on the floor with her laptop in a full stretch with a stretch band attached to her feet!   She has been dancing now for about 4 years and in this time she has raced through the grades at a very quick rate and passed all with high distinctions even gaining 50/50 on two of her exams. She has since gained scholarships with the British Ballet Organisation and Ballet Theatre UK.  She is currently working on a show with Birmingham Royal Ballet.  Her aim is to eventually gain acceptance into the Royal Ballet of which she is pursuing with great determination.

I have worked with young Katelyn now on 4 projects, 3 on the same day! She is so hardworking and dedicated to her dance, it just blew mew away. She is absolutely awesome to work with and as well as being a very attractive young lady she is disciplined, polite and an all round good egg. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.

Im so much in respect of her attitude to her dance and the way she presents herself. I have booked her for another two shoots. The first in the Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral where she is busily choreographing her own dance routine. I’m having a one off dress made for her for this dance and I will be both videoing and taking stills.

The second will be in France at an 11th Century french chateau, which by chance is owned by an english lady who was also a Ballet dancer , choreographer and ballet teacher. So she jumped at the idea of having a shoot own her property. Both Katelyn and her mum are very much looking forward to this.

Anyway, back to now. I have completed 4 sessions with Kateyn :-

  • Contemporary Jazz routine dancing to the Michael Bible track “Feeling Good” – Choreographed by Katelyn
  • Classical Ballet On Point Dancing to  Don Quixote Act 1. No 21 Variation: Kitri by Leon Minkus.
  • Venetian Ballet Dance to “17 Moments Of Spring” by Michael Tarvierdiev – This involved using 6 different Venetian masks, used throughout the dance again Choreographed by Katelyn

Again, her work ethic through each of these routines, was second to none and we did around 20 takes per dance. She never once complained. But, was eager to deliver .. and she did!!