Photographer, About

Who am I?

Mike was born in and brought up in Peckham, London. It was a rough area at that time and coming from a working-class family, where money was tight, everything was second-hand. If they wanted something, they had to go and work hard for it and that’s pretty much still his outlook on life.

He has been involved with photography since the age of sixteen, when he started working for a photographic company in Soho, London. He mentions, that he saw many things in that area of town, which were quite an eye opener. There though, he learned the basic skills of photography, was exposed to the fashion and advertorial world that was buzzing in that part of London at the time and it provided him with a solid foundation. Later, he ran his own successful studio working with models, commercial clients and the public covering most genres.

In 2016, Mike decided to take early retirement and retired to the warm South of France. But, it was not long before his creative side resurfaced and he returned to the industry. This time though, he decided to follow another genre that inspires him greatly and makes his creative juices flow; videography and specifically bespoke dance videography. A big change for him, but one he looked forward too with much enthusiasm and excitement. He said to me, that this new genre made him feel like a young kid again exploring a new world, and I could see this in his eyes.

Off course, he has kept in with his other love, portraiture photography. Portraiture photography he said to me, “offers up a window to the soul, through the eyes of the client”. And I believe I can see what he means in his portraiture. He finds that the pair, keep him more than busy. But, still allows him to take time off, to come up with new creative ideas, over a glass of red, whilst sitting in the warm sun overlooking fields as far as the eye can see.

Mike returns to the UK every 6-8 weeks to meet his clients and shoots in various professional studio’s up and down the country. Although, most of his work is carried out in two professional studios in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. Hiring studios as and when needed, helps keep the costs down and the savings are then passed onto the client(s).

Mike is a very relaxed, amenable and easy to get along with person. His shoots are very relaxed, stress free, and everyone just has a really great time with much laughter.