Model References

Clare Kidman –  Mike couldn’t have been more helpful and supportive pre shoot and post shoot. I really value his experience and advice. The shoot was wonderful, I felt like a diva for the day! Great choice of studio. I learnt so much and he has given me confidence in my ability to go forward with a modelling career with his beautiful images in my portfolio

Jodie Thomas – The photographer I worked for yesterday booked this studio. On arrival I was met by the very nice owner Michael who greeted me with a warm welcome followed by a nice cup of tea? He showed me around and I was pretty blown away by the space, settings, props and the lovely spacious dressing room that this studio has to offer. The studio is wonderful and I loved every minute of shooting there. I highly recommend this studio and I really Do hope that I get the chance to shoot there again. Thank you Michael for making me so welcome 🙂

Zara DuRose – I recently had a studio day at Creativus. It’s a fantastic space with a fab selection of props, sets and areas to shoot in. Mike is very friendly and welcoming and a pleasure to spend the day with! (makes a great cuppa too!)I hope to return to the studio to shoot with Mike in the near future, and will happily recommend the space to others looking for a studio space in Hitchin! Thanks for a fun day!   Zara DuRose -x-

Francesca – I met mike for the first time last week when i had been booked at his studio. He was extremely welcoming and the perfect host. The studio is amazing with many sets and props including a motorbike!!. I have already stated i would love to go back and work there again as its not too far from me. Thank you mike for the wonderful hospitality and use of your studio. Highly recommend using this studio for adding something a little different to your portfolio.  Chesca xx

SimoneH – I used Creativus for the first time today in which I done a model day. The studio is fantastic, clean and spacious, so much effort has been put into it and it certainly shows… loads of fab set ups props and backdrops are available. The changing room is also spacious amd nicely set. Mike the studio owner is an absolute gent, so friendly and welcoming and always on hand to help.. he is also superb with setting up all different types of studio lighting.

Creativus is definitely up there in my opinion as one of the best studios I have worked in, I cant wait to work there again, only bad thing is….. its too far away from me – Highly recommended by me. – Thanks again Mike

Akari Desire – Had a recent studio day at Creativus for the first time this month, its a great space with a wide range of sets and props. Mike the owner was on hand throughout the day helping out, making fabulous cups of tea and generally keeping us all very happy! I loved my time there and hope to be back soon! Akari x

Zara Watson – Had a great studio day at Creativus Imago Studio Smile Mike, the owner, is very lovely, a great host! He really looked after me all day long. He is great at promoting the studio days beforehand too. The Studio itself is brilliant, it is very big and has loads of sets/ areas, and props, you are definitely spoilt for choice! Mike’s studio is a hidden gem….I definitely recommend it, as both a photographer and model. Thanks so much for having me and I hope to come back soon

Amy Rose – I have known Mike for a good couple of years and had the pleasure of working with him too. I was super excited to be offered to hold a model day at his new studio ‘Creativus Imago Photography’. The studio is fantastic! It is all on one level and offers new and different sets to what other studios have at the moment. The lights are easy to use and unlike some you are able to move the lights, sets and props around as you see fit. The studio was kept warm throughout and ALL the photographers on my model day was MEGA impressed by the studio and hospitality.  Mike is a lovely studio owner.

To Photographers – Mike goes above and beyond what is expected. No job is too small or too big for Mike. Need a new lighting set up, need something moving or just fancy another cuppa? Not a problem because Mike is on it!

To Models – Mike respects the model completely, constantly making sure I was fine throughout the shoot. A wonderful guy and one I hope to see more of when I move down South in the spring.

If your looking for a new and exciting studio then Mike’s ‘Imago Photography Studio’ is for you!! Thanks for having me and the little man! – Amy xx

Anita De Bauch – I had two sold-out studio days at Creativus Imago Studio in the same week last month, one of which on a weekday. The studio is a great space, with lots of interesting props and detailed backdrops to make it worth shooting more than a couple of hours at a time, and a lovely warm, clean makeup room. Mike is a brilliant host! He helped me with everything from parking my car to carrying suitcases, making herbal tea and even bringing the MUA and me chocolates! He helped out the photographers where help was wanted but gave us privacy to shoot at all other times.

Creativus is now pretty much my favourite studio and I hope I get booked there lots more.

Theresa Louise – I’ve shot with Mike before and he is an amazing photographer but this time I shot at his studio with another photographer. Mike was extremely helpful, always made sure we had a drink or if we needed anything. He was happy for us to rearrange the studio sets and help with lighting when required. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for Mike, he’s one of the most chilled out people I know with a great personality. The studio is absolutely stunning, extremely clean and tidy and has everything you could wish for. Would highly recommend the studio and mike as a photographer to anyone. We see you on 1st March for my studio day – Thanks, Theresa louise xxx

Amber Tutton – I modelled for mike Hardley (Creativus imago’s studio owner) we had a two hour booking, he was very laid back with time, no rushing at all. He had the set up sorted before I arrived so we were ready to crack on.. Very good with input about styling, makeup, changes to the sets. He made me lots of teas and even fed me Jaffa cakes! He was chatty, confident, and experienced. We shot some video footage which is being edited as we speak, I’ve not done too much video work so far so he was very helpful when telling me what to do & when he was hitting record etc. Highly recommended, Brilliant studio, Great photographer

Lu Elissa – I’ve had 2 shoots at the Creativus Imago studio now and i think it’s brilliant. Any time I’m asked to recommend a studio in future it will be this 1. Also Mike is a lovely guy.

Ivory Flame Mike is an absolute diamond! So friendly, considerate, easy going, and loads of fun! He always puts great thought, detail and efforts into his shoots from the inspirations to the amazing styling. I’m always be delighted to work with him and I can certainly recommend him to other models.

Helen Diaz – It’s been a while since we have worked together but I just have to leave a reference for the lovely Mike! We first met a few years ago when we worked in Devon together for a few days, with myself and a lovely friend of mine, model Emma Willis. We have worked together a few times since then and each time has been very well organised, full of fantastic sets and themes and with great enthusiasm. Mike is a lovely guy to be around, with a good heart. You will have a great shoot and a memorable day. Highly recommended and I hope we work together in the future, hopefully not too long into the future Smile – Helen x

Amy Rose – I’ve worked with Mike twice, he’s professional and a FANTASTIC photographer who produces excellent photos. However this reference is not about Mike as a photographer but as a person. Mike helps to look after Unique Capture on a weekend and evenings. I had a 2 day model day at Unique Capture last weekend. Mike was there to assist photographers and make sure everything runs smoothly.

All the photographers got the assistance they required and all went away very happy! He also makes sure the model is looked after, making sure I get the breaks, kept drinking and eating. I can’t recommend Mike enough and he is 100% trustworthy.

Tirry Jane – I met Mike many times and totally love shooting with him. He’s so professional and great at what he does. I always get excited when he asks to do some work with me because I know the shoot will be different, fun and professionally done! Couldn’t rate Mike highly enough (: x

Theresa Louise – I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike on numerous occasions. It’s always been fun, friendly, professional and creative. Would totally recommend Mike to make you feel at ease, look after his team and create beautiful images. A diamond x

Amy Rose – This was the second time I worked with Mike and wow. What a shoot!! Mike always comes with amazing ideas for our shoot. His pre-communication skills are excellent and gives good, clear direction during the shoot. Mike comes with some amazing wardrobe all of which looked amazing for our shoot. We only had 2 hours but what we achieved in the 2 hours was brilliant.

Button – I have worked with Mike loads of times. He comes loaded with motivation and ideas, passionate about nailing the shot, and is great fun to work with. We always have a laugh. His work has come such a long way in the few years he has been doing photography. If you get an opportunity to work with Mike, don’t hesitate. Great results and you will have fun shooting too!

Becky Blissitt – I worked with Mike on a two day equestrian and beach shoot that I modelled for,run by Karen Boyle. I enjoyed working with Mike,he is so highly motivated,creative and full of ideas.He is a great guy good fun and I loved his enthusiasm. I would recommend shooting with him to all models without any hesitation.It was a pleasure to meet you Mike and I hope we meet again and work together,

Thank you ,


Classic Elle – Mike was great, pre shoot comms were good, he was already set up and ready to go when I got to the studio. He supplied a brilliant MUA (Gwen Reece). The shoot was great, speedy without being rushed, and I was able to see the images throughout. I really enjoyed my time at Unique Capture with Mike, and can’t wait to have a full day with him soon!

Lulu Lockhart-Had a fab time shooting with Mike last week. He brought along an impressive set of outfits and ideas and was incredibly quick and efficient at setting up his lighting and producing what he wanted from the shoot. He tried out a range of lighting techniques to achieve a range of different feeling images Smile. His pre-shoot communications were spot on and he was incredibly professional as well as personable throughout the duration of the shoot! It was a delight working with him and I look forward to future projects together.

Amy Rose – Mike is just a dream to work with! He came with some fantastic ideas and they worked amazingly. He was very professional throughout and very respectful of the model! Mike has a fabulous sense of humor which makes the shoot even more enjoyable. His communication skills are excellent too. I would highly recommend Mike to any model!

Looking forward to working with Mike in the future!

Amy x.

Tammy – I have worked with Mike 4/5 times now always a pleasure to work with full of creative ideas. It has been a joy to watch his progression over the past couple of years and its safe to say he has come on leaps and bounds. He is a great guy, chatty and fun to work with and I do hope we will work together again in the future.

Tammy x

Akari Desire – I had a shoot with Mike on Saturday at my studio day at Saracen house studio. As usual full of ideas, organised and loads of fun. It is always great fun and ends with amazing results when we shoot together. I highly enjoy working with Mike and look forward to shooting with him again.

Akari x

Sarah H – What a shoot! Had pretty much a full day shoot, long, hard work but by far one of my most enjoyable times I’ve had. Mike is totally 100% an enthusiastic and a great photographer to work with. He’s thoughtful, funny and very exciting during shoot. Would definitely recommend him!

Akari Desire – I worked with Mike again recently on our 3rd shoot. I am really happy with the images and yet again it was another fun and creative shoot. He is highly professional and I would definitely suggest working with him.

Akari Desire – I have had a number of shoots with Mike and already in the process of organising another one. He is very professional, friendly and easy to work with. I’d highly recommend working with him.

Franka>I had the pleasure of working with Mike on 3rd of March in Powerstation Studio on a group shoot organised to help raise money for Cancer Research. He’s not only a fantastic photographer, but also a really lovely person; very professional, reliable and friendly, who made me feel very at ease and relaxed throughout the shoot. He is full of original, fun ideas and directs extremely well in order to achieve the appropriate image. I highly recommend him to any model and I would love to work with him again. Thank you, Franka.

Annie MoyaI had the pleasure of working with Mike yesterday at James Thorpes studio. I found him to be very creative, he is full of inspirational ideas and he directed me very well during the shoot. He is very considerate, patient, easy going and in all he is a true delight to work with. Im impressed with the pictures! I do hope to work with Mike again, I highly recommend him to all. Thank you

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