Portraiture with a difference

We offer Portraiture with a difference. Edgy, with ideas taken from the rennaisance masters. We create something , that is very different than the conventional portrait and our ideas are developing with every image taken ....

We plan your portraiture session in advance. This allows us to create pictures of you that are tailor-made to your requirements. We run a calm atmosphere in the studio, which in turn helps you the client, to relax in front of the camera. Most people feel a bit awkward having their picture taken, if they are not used to it which is quite normal. We believe that, if you are relaxed and happy, then it shows in the photographs.

You may bring a change of clothing and wear as much as you like or as little as you like, it is entirely up to you. We shoot tethered, that is to say, that the unedited images are displayed as they are taken. This allows us to adapt and discuss the images with the client as the shoot proceeds. At the end of the session,  you will go away with a smile on your face.

We shoot the session with the camera tethered to a 27in iMac, so that you can see the unedited images as they are taken, which also helps us to see the image detail and make the required changes if need be. We can also, provide a professional makeup service and is subject to the makeup artist being available and at the additional cost of €25 per hour, which is payable to makeup artist and not the studio.

The 2-hour session costing €75, gives you the following –

  1. 10 x Professionally edited digital images.
    1. 10 x Lo-Res images, for use on websites and or social media.
    2. 10 x Hi-Res images, of the same images for hardcopy prints.
  2. Tethered Session - Allowing you to see the images as they are taken
  3. Online gallery – Allowing you to select your 10 images from the comfort of your own home.
  4. Your professionally edited digital images, delivered to you via Dropbox.
  5. No hard sell
  6. Opportunity to buy additional digital images, with no obligation to do so.
  7. You may print out as many copies as you like
  8. You may distribute to as many family members as you like


  •             Our small and unobtrusive copyright logo must not be removed from the images.
  •             The images must not be edited in any shape or form.
  •             The images must not be sold or any 3rd parties allowed use of the images.

Any of these copyright issues are abused, then we as the copyright owners of the images have the right to pursue for costs.


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