Portraiture or Boudoir With A Difference


We offer Portraiture with a difference. Edgy, with ideas taken from the rennaisance masters. We create something , that is very different than the conventional portrait and our ideas are developing with every image taken ....

Model Portraiture

We plan your portraiture or boudoir session in advance. This allows us to create pictures of you that are tailor-made to your requirements. We run a calm atmosphere in the studio or your home, which in turn helps you the client, to relax in front of the camera. Most people feel a bit awkward having their picture taken, if they are not used to it which is quite normal. We believe that, if you are relaxed and happy, then it shows in the photographs. We shoot our sessions using a mixture of the lighting styles of the Renaissance Dutch, Flemish and Italian masters. But, we add a touch of modernism to meet our clients’ requirements. The finished product is a portraiture consisting of rich colour, depth, beauty and a little emotion from the day. 

You may also, have a change of clothes if you so wish. But, styling is something we can discuss prior to the session, which saves time on the actual shoot. You can also wear as much or as little as you want, it is up to you! 

A portraiture or boudoir session can be fun and it can also be a confidence boost if you are feeling a little low. I have had clients in the past who had very low self esteem and have come along to a portraiture session, had a brilliant time, left the studio with a smile and with their confidence soaring. below is a snippet of a reference from one of my clients

"I was not happy with my body for a very long time. But, doing this kind of shoot with Mike really boosted my confidence, self-esteem and made me to feel really happy within myself again. So much so, I have done another 3 of these sessions with Mike and I loved every minute of them. I kind of felt that, I was being naughty which I found quite exciting and I bounced out of the studio with a smile on my face ”

The images will be supplied to you in a digital format in both low and hi resolution for social media and hard copy prints. Using the hi-resolution images, you may print as many copies as you wish in any size or format up to a max size of A1. Your images, once professionally edited, will be delivered to you via the internet along with a form giving you permission to print. Some print companies, will ask you, on occasion, for some form of authorisation to print.

One thing to note though, if we are performing a portraiture session with your child and he or she is under the age of 16, we will need a parental consent form signed before the session takes place.

We can also, provide a professional makeup service and is subject to the makeup artist being available and at the additional cost of €25 per hour, which is payable to makeup artist and not the studio.

The 2-hour session at our studio -  costs  €75

At your own home or on location to a maximum distance  of 20km - costs €125

and gives you the following –

5 x Professionally edited digital images.
5 x Lo-Res images, for use on websites and or social media.
5 x Hi-Res images, of the same images for hardcopy prints.
Tethered Session - Allowing you to see the images as they are taken
Online gallery – Allowing you to select your 5 images from the comfort of your own home.
Your professionally edited digital images, delivered to you via Dropbox.
No hard sell
Opportunity to buy additional digital images, with no obligation to do so.
You may print out as many copies as you like
You may distribute to as many family members as you like

Additional digital images, over and above the 5 included in the package cost €15 each 


Our small and unobtrusive copyright logo must not be removed from the images.
The images must not be edited in any shape or form.
The images must not be sold or any 3rd parties allowed use of the images.
Any of these copyright issues are abused, then we as the copyright owners of the images have the right to pursue for costs.


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