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31st October 2017 Uncategorised

TO-Studio Session-029-A-wsWith the start of my additional new business venture, i.e. Dance Videography /Photography adding to my already successful classical portraiture work. I thought it was about time that I started a blog page. The thing is, I’m hopeless about writing about stuff. But, the other half has nagged me into doing it, so here I am.

This has all come about because I’m bored. I have technically taken early retirement, after running a very successful photography business in the UK and settled down in the South France. The plan was to eat grapes, cheese and drink wine. However, there is only so much of that stuff you can throw into your body every day.

So, I’m back in business but taking a slightly different slant on things. Although, I still do “Classical Portraiture”, I’m now ploughing all my efforts and venturing into the dance world, providing dance videography and photography to clients.

But, having no portfolio to show anyone is a bit of a problem. So, I came up with the idea of offering these services out free until April 2018 which is when I would start charging clients. But, my rates would be much cheaper rate than is currently being advertised in the big wide world as well as offering 12 month’s interest free credit.

The next problem to think about, was where to offer these services. I’m in France and there is large ex-pat (Franglais) community over here. So, I have targeted them and the French, although the French are notoriously difficult to get to buy a service, especially if you are not French. Don’t get me wrong, they are a wonderful people abet very insular and I believe that they are far behind the UK in-terms of the way the Internet is used for business. That makes it difficult to target them. That aside, there is as said, a very large ex-pat community and I have already made headway into that market securing a number of repeat bookings as well as help from a estate agent dealing in large French chateaus and being allowed to use chateaus for said work.

I have also targeted the UK, having decided on two studios to hire as and when needed. This has been a roaring success in that I have bookings which are currently taking me up to February 2018 with both professional and amateur dancers. I generally return to the UK every 6-8 weeks anyway to see my two sons and this fits in very nicely with my clients in both France and the UK.

In terms of equipment, I had my trusty DSLR Canon 6D and lenses. But, what video related equipment should I need to buy. I perused the market place for a quite a time and decided to come in just above the entry level, with the view that, if I am successful I would then go and buy the more expensive pieces of equipment.