360 Photography

360 photography is used primarily by e-commerce websites, to give shoppers a more realistic impression of a product than static images. The use of interactive 360 spins has been linked to an increase in sales and lower returns of unwanted goods.

Often multiple static or still product images can provide enough visual feedback. But, sometimes this is still this is not enough.  360 Product Photography takes visual communication in the digital world a step further by allowing customers to view at any angle required while offering customers an interactive and immersive retail experience. Bridging the gap between virtual and reality, 360 product photography is a way to enhance a customer s online experience while also building confidence.

360 photography (also referred to as 360 product photography, 360 spin or spin photography) refers to a photographic technique by which a series of photos give the impression of an object rotating. These photos can be displayed as an interactive animation on web pages and apps, allowing a user to control the rotation of an object. The photos can also be displayed as an infinitely looping GIF or video.

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