Self Portrait

About Me

Mike has been exposed to photography since the age of 16 when he worked in Soho London, as a developer in a small company just of Wardour Street. He was exposed to all the things that Soho had to offer in the seventies and some were eye openers.  He left there and decided to see a bit of the world and enlisted into the Regular Army, where he spent 6 years travelling parts of the world.

Leaving the forces in 1983, he worked in IT until he was made redundant in 2005. Throughout this time though, he still pursued his love of photography, photographing anything that moved. After being made redundant, he decided to go full time into photography and opened his first studio in Hertfordshire and a second much larger studio a year after the first one. 

He soon gained a solid reputation from photographers, models, general public and commercial clients for providing a professional service, which can be seen from the number of positive reference’s clients have left. In 2016, Mike decided to take early (semi) retirement and moved to the South of France, where he continues his love of photography and offers similar services to the expats and French clients. But also, still regularly visits the UK to shoot with his UK clients. He has still manages to balance his private and work life allowing him to enjoy his time in France, drinking wine and relaxing in the Dordogne sun.

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