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Dancing with Katelyn – Black Swan

I have had the greatest of pleasure working with Katelyn Robbins on more than one occasion, shooting 3 dance videos and a photographic shoot with her so far. I found her, to be thoroughly professional, polite and extremely hardworking. On one occasion I had her dance somewhere in the region of  20-25 routines throughout the day and not once did she complain. Her eagerness and love of dance simply shone through. She also choreographed her own dance routines,  which I have to say had me spellbound. In fact, I am so impressed with her, I have booked her for  more shoots, one of which will involve the use of a full creative team and I honestly cannot wait to be working with her again. I have also found her honesty, integrity are beyond reproach and I unconditionally recommend her.

I have just completed a shoot over here in France with her, which was very successful and  I have her booked for a stills,  Vogue-ish type  shoot in 2019 in the UK, which will involve having her bending in some obscure  positions. I am also, looking to place a booking with her working alongside another dancer I have worked with ie  Harriet, called The Zombie Ballerinas and will take a full team to complete. This is planned for March 2020.

A little bit about Katelyn from her mum …

Katelyn did street dance with a company called Loveballet Dance Company when she was about 6 years old.  Unfortunately, the classes held at the location she intended stopped within the year and she could not get to any of the other locations at the time.  Her teacher at Loveballet continued to send me information about alternative classes and eventually Katelyn returned to Loveballet when she was about 10 years old.  The dance teacher who had originally taken Katelyn for street dance remembered her and her dancing and encouraged Katelyn to try ballet, as she felt she had shown the potential of being really good at this form of dance- with her range of movements and flexibility.  Katelyn was very reluctant to try ballet but when the dance teacher advised her that it was the genre for all other forms of dance, Katelyn decided to give ballet a go and she is very happy she did as she fell in love with it.  Ballet is Katelyn’s favourite genre whether it’s in its classical form or incorporated into contemporary or lyrical dance.   Katelyn initially took up contemporary/lyrical, modern and ballet.  She later then added tap to her list of dance genres.

I recall my surprise on watching her for her very first dance exam practise, when I realised that she really could dance, and it was so obvious to me just how much her dancing meant to her.  I had originally just sent her to dance as a way to try and help her with her shyness and to be an outlet for her excess energy.  It was from this point that I knew how serious she actually was when she said she wanted to dance professionally.  She could think of nothing worse than never having the chance to pursue this passion of hers, whatever the cost and sacrifices.

She is always striving to improve and practises any new dance moves he can find (usually taking out some piece of furniture in the process)  She is also relentless in stretching and strengthening every morning and evening.  She can usually be found doing her homework in a particular stretch so as to make the most of her time and her philosophy is that she can always do better.

She is currently attending various dance scholar and associate courses.  She continues to get through her dance exams at record speed and so far to date she has always obtained high distinctions.  On two occasions she has even been awarded 100% in her exams.

She recently spent time with Birmingham Royal Ballet for one of their shows which she thoroughly enjoyed.  It has made her all the more determined to achieve this dream of hers.  She is eager to get into a main classical company and if she is fortunate enough to do this, she then plans on working as tirelessly as she can to gain principal dancer status with them.



This particular shoot was loosely based around the “Black Swan” look


Makeup by Cleo Young Makeup





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