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What is Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is an area of photography that captures images that are used to sell, advertise or market a business, a product, service, person or persons. Magazines and business websites are filled with adverts. The photographic images within these adverts/sites are the commercial photographs.


A stunning photograph of a product will allow it to sell much faster, as it will allow consumers to see the product in all its glory and may convince a potential client to make a purchase. Typically, clients would have the choice of images that can be used for adverts or in brochures or they may need design-focused photos that will showcase the design and features of a product.

Another frequent use of commercial photography is in the corporate world, as commercial photographs can make any company, in general, develop their brand more. Typically, you can find commercial photos used constantly in business, on small flyers or huge billboards. Simply, a great commercial photograph(s) and/or media will assist greatly in the promotion of any business.

New Services

Coming in March 2020

4K Videography

You have probably have seen the term ‘4K video’ on shop displays and even written on the labels on the front of products. 4K is a video specification that literally just means ‘4,000’. It gets its name from the approximately 4,000 pixels of width of the footage. READ MORE

360 Degree Turntable Product Photography & 4K Videography

A challenge facing online sellers in today’s world is ‘how to better communicate products online’. To find a way that can bridge the gap between the physical in-store retail experience and the digital world. It’s obvious, the lack of physical interaction in the eCommerce (not being able to see, feel and touch) can lead to purchasing hesitation and ultimately lost sales. Online retailers need to find better ways to communicate products being sold and high-quality product photography is often a good first step. READ MORE


Drone Videography

To drone, or not to drone—apparently, that’s the question! Drone photography is rising in popularity, which is no surprise if you’ve seen the breathtaking shots these flying machines can capture. READ MORE

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Our clients range from hi-end jewellery designers, engine oil suppliers, fish & chips caterers, book authors, Magazines, drinks companies and more …

Photography and Video Rates

For a quote, in the first, instance I would suggest that you email us details of your photography or video requirements, which may include the need for specialist services (hair and make-up, stylists, model etc). We do not charge an hourly rate.

Our rates are very reasonable as we do not have any major overheads, you will be pleasantly surprised …..

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