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A Little Bit About Harriet.

Every little girl wants to do ballet and that’s how it all started for Harriet, when she was just 4yrs old. In the beginning,  it was just ballet but now and nearly 10yrs on, she takes classes after school in Classical Ballet, Modern and Contemporary dance. Being a BBO Scholar and Ballet Theatre Associate, means she gets extra expert tuition at the weekends too!  Harriet very much enjoys performing and looks forward to the bi-annual shows that her dance school put on.  The next one, is coming up in July 2018, so she’s working extra hard on that.  In 2017, she was chosen to dance with the English Youth ballet at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre in a production of the ‘Nutcracker’,  not only that, she also performed at the Royal Albert Hall in a performance with her ballet school for ‘The Stars in the Round’.  The bigger the audience, the better in Harriet’s opinion, so this was especially thrilling. Ultimately, Harriet would like to go to a dance school and hopefully get a degree in dance. This does rely on her achieving good exam grades  and she will be looking at potential schools this autumn with the view to her attending at 16 or 18yrs old. So, she has lots of hard work ahead of her in more ways than one.



Dance Photography

I met Harriet for the first time back in February 2018, when I was booked to shoot stills and a dance video with her.  We had been speaking before that,  making plans for the video in which Harriet choreographed her own dance routine to a music track that I had selected i.e a cover of the Rolling Stones hit,  Paint it, Black, sung by an artist called Ciara. When I was sent the rough copy of the dance routine,  I was truly blown away by this young ladies abilities, to me  she just seemed to flow effortlessly between each dance position.  The actual shoot , was carried out using my Canon 6d, with a Canon f1.8 50mm lens, on a dolly track. In total, I recorded the dance from 8 different positions and heights, using natural day light as my light source.



Shoot Details

The stills photography, was shot in various locations around the  studio, in this case Natural Light Studio in Weedon, just outside Northampton. The majority of the shots were taken again using my Canon 6D with a Canon f4.0 24-104mm lens, configured as f8, speed 160, ISO 100 at 70mm or there about. Harriet is a lovely  young lady who worked very hard on the day. I already have plans to work with this young lady again and I look forward to it very much!


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Hi. I’m Mike, owner of Creativus Imago Photography, based in South West France (Dordogne) and the UK.

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