Creativus Imago Photography is a digital photographic company based in south-west France and covers Europe and the UK. We at CIP provide the following services - Classical Portraiture,  Dance, Boudoir, Business & Website Photography at much reduced prices. We are happy to provide these services at you home if you wish, we often find that our clients feel more comfortable being photographed in their own homes.

We use out small, but well equipped studio when in France. But, when we are in the UK , which is every 6-8 weeks we hire studios as and when we need one,  as well as any other additional services we may need, i.e. makeup, hair, props etc etc. This enables us to keep our costs down and to pass those savings onto the client.

We are also open to shoot on location in either France or the UK and we are also happy to liaise on behalf of the client if another company is involved. Handy, if you have not done this sort of thing before. Ours and any external costs are all laid down in a professional quote detailing what the shoot involves which is signed by both parties.  This provides a written document describing the shoot, whats has been hired , times, addresses, contact details, details, costs etc etc. This we find protects the client as well as ourselves.

We can also offer interest free credit, up to a maximum of  12 months to help spread the cost and enable you to get those great shots, photo-books  or vouchers  Please see T&C's.