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Photoshoot with Ivoryflame – France

My latest portraiture photoshoot with Ivoryflame, was such great fun.  Even better, it was only 26 mins from where I live… in France!


A photoshoot with Ivoryflame is a fantastic experience. I have worked with Ivoryflame a number of times and she will always remain, in my opinion,  one of the best models to work with. Her experience and knowledge to strike pose to fit a specific look and feel is just off the planet. She is that good, I do not think it is possible to take a bad photograph of this young lady. She is extremely reliable, very focused and thrives with creativity.  Since moving to France, I have been out of the UK circuit so to speak and have not worked with Ivoryflame in a while. I then learnt she was visiting France, attending a shoot at Studio Lavalette, which believe it or not is only 26 mins from where I live. It’s Christmas come early for me and I booked myself  in quick!


Although, not a 1 to 1 shoot, I got around 20 mins in every hour with Ivoryflame to myself. There were two magnificent locations for our morning and afternoon sessions. The first being located in an old quarry, that had been taken over by a young couple and used as a place for creatives to display their artwork. The area has so many options to shoot in,  as well as backdrops with awesome colours, tones and patterns. Not to mention , the suns warms rays adding to the overall feel of the images.

Set One – Tudor Look – “Before I Lose My Head”

I had this Tudor feel to this image with the model wearing a neck ruff to mimic that Tudor theme, wearing the hair slightly up at the back. This combined with the top worn off the shoulders and the “despair” look provided by Ivoryflame gives the impression in my opinion of a young lady about to meet her end ..

This image was taken mid morning with the aid of a reflector bouncing light onto her face. Camera used – Canon 6D with a 50mm – 1/160sec , f4.0, iso 100


Set Two – Naked On The Steps

Moving on to another area on the grounds I spotted these old steps which I thought would look really good with Ivoryflame posing nude in the “Art Nude’ genre. It was a bit chilly in the shadows. But, she did not seem to mind 🙂   – Camera Settings – 1/160sec , f/2.8 , iso 100



Set Three – Lines and the Sun

Back in the sun and this was approaching midday, I spotted this rather awesome texture/patterns made from old wood. The rustic colours I thought would look superb with Ivoryflame’s skin and her amazing hair colour. Ontop of this,  the sun was filtered by the trees, so we had this sort of natural softened spotlight which highlight her hair even more.

Camera settings – 1/160sec, f/8.0, iso 100

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Lunch – Back at Base

It was back to HQ for lunch and we were treated to some very delicious creations by Dons Wife , followed by a cheese board and coffee/tea. I have to say it was that nice, I soon woofed it all down. After lunch we went to our second location in a small town called Champagne. The actual location was on the property of a lovely french lady which again held some amazing shoot locations.


Set Four –  Stable Girl

We were spoilt for choice on this property. To start, both Ivoryflame and I spotted these awesome decaying blue barn doors , which just matched her hair. We agreed on something quite flimsy and see thru to portray an innocent look, a innocent stable girl if you like. Camera Settings – 1/160sec f/4.0, iso100

Set Five – The innocent Stable Girl

Carrying on with the stable girl look. This was shot against wall of the main house. The crackly, eroded and textured look of the wall, I think blended well with the models look and colours. Camera Settings – 1/160sec f/5.0, iso 100


Set Six – Voyeuristic Lady

This was shot in an out building which looked as though at some point in its history, the front a had just fallen away, been cleaned up and then just left. So this images was taken in what may have been the small kitchen. Using the sun to light Ivoryflame through the window and half exposing herself. I think this gave a very voyeuristic feel to the image as it was taken so close to a window. I have added some noise to this image, just to age it slightly and I think it works quite well. Camera Settings – 1/160sec, f/2.0, iso 100


I hope you enjoyed reading about my photoshoot with Ivoryflame. If you would like to work with me, please get in touch via my contact page.




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