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This shoot took place quite a while ago in the UK  and the initial idea came from a ‘Les Miserables” cinema poster I spotted whilst in the London West End.  I pondered the thought in my head and wondered who I could use as my “Les Miserables” girl.  I cannot quite remember how I got to work with the young Phoenix. Although, I think I placed an add somewhere and her mum , Hannah (who I know) replied.  In my books, Phoenix ticked all the boxes, she had the long hair, the blue eyes and almost a matching face, abet a little younger.  I wanted to try and capture the image to the left. But, with my own look /feel to it an dI think I achieved this. I am more than happy with the final results.

With the images below, I have included before and after images. Showing before any edits have been applied, so straight out of the camera and then after any editing performed by me. The software I used is Adobe’s Photoshoot CC 2019 alongside Alien Skins Exposure 4 software.

My camera and lens at the time was a Canon 5D Mk2 and a Canon EF24-105mm F/4.0 IS USM lens


I used a first class studio called ‘Saracen House Studio” in Stoney Stratford, just outside Milton Keynes which is owned and run by Andrew. Andrew, is always on hand to help, always gives you a warm welcome and best of all, he makes the Teas/coffees.


I think Phoenix was about 5 when the shoot took place and having worked with children of the same age before, so I took along a form of  bribery, ie a bag of large Cadbury’s chocolate buttons . I very nearly ate them myself. But, I resisted, but only just!


One of the first steps to achieving the look I wanted, was to try and get a happy, cheery young  girl to pose with a moody unhappy look. The first attempts were very amusing and ranged from the fit of the giggles (with mum doing stuff behind me) and the bottom lip job. It was very difficult for all of us to keep a straight face.


And then, quite by chance it happened quite naturally, or did I threaten to remove the chocolate buttons? only joking 🙂  .  It was an EUREEEEEKA moment and I sure there are many photographers out there, who know what I mean.



After that, we did a few portrait shots with mum and daughter together to end off a very productive and enjoyable shoot. I am hoping that I can photograph the pair again in April 2019 when I’m next over in the UK.

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