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I had a wonderful time photographing Sue Knights portraiture with the images destined for her own website – I found Sue to be a very positive, young lady at heart and very Rock Chic! The banter was continuous as were the jokes, although more came from her than me and of course there was much tea drinking. The brief for this shoot, was to take photos of Sue as normal as possible without any real posing, making them look quite normal and not false. I found this quite easy as Sues smile was quite infectious as was her manner.

About Sue. (Text Taken From Sues  Website (

I am an international consultant and author, pioneering the use of NLP for people in business. My work includes and goes beyond NLP in my aim to support us all to discover our unsuspected greatness in this chaotic, challenging and turbulent world. Excellence is what we often overlook or take for granted and with NLP we can learn not only to discover it but to celebrate it. My work is with Individuals, Corporates and Teams. I run open  and in house programmes. I am an NLP Master Trainer (one of the few in the world). I am also a High Performance Coach and I use humour which I learned by studying with Frank Farrelly the master of Provocative Therapy for 20 years. And it helps that I come from Liverpool! I am an author of NLP at Work and an NLP and Leadership Manual. I aim to publish a book on Coaching this year 2016. I work to support leaders (and we are all leaders in some way) to make a difference in the world; to pass on to future generations the qualities and skills that support peace and love and learning. I am a speaker (though my speaking sessions are invariably interactive rather than just talks). And more than that I am a Mum to two amazing sons who are making a difference in the world in their own very unique ways and I am a Grandmother to two beautiful little girls. I am also a traveller and a cyclist.

And my book that has been the forerunner for me in so many countries and is now translated into 27 languages,​ NLP at Work. I wrote this book as an introduction to the ways in which NLP can be used in both our personal and our work lives. You will find details of other books including my manual of exercises for Leaders – NLP and Leadership in the books section.

Shoot Details

Sue was an awesome subject to photograph,  her easy going manner and infectious smile made it an absolute joy to work with her. The shoot brief, was to capture  normal portraits of Sue looking very Rock Chic as she leans towards this look very nicely.  Equipment wise, I used a 18in Beauty Dish as the primary light source, just above her head, facing down, accompanied by a white reflector, bouncing the light back up. A typical clam shell configuration (using f10, speed 125, ISO 100, 50mm).  Camera equipment used – Canon 6D with a Canon  50mm, f1.8 prime lens. Studio lighting used was Pixapro Lumi 400 Strobes.

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Hi. I’m Mike, owner of Creativus Imago Photography, based in South West France (Dordogne) and the UK.

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